Resistance Phase

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The Resistance Phase is an undefined period of time following the conclusion of a World Conquest during which there is no objective to playing Foxhole. Otherwise indistinguishable from the World Conquest itself, the resistance phase functions as a period during which the developers organize a new war layout and the community readies for another World Conquest.

A faction wins a World Conquest when it has captured and upgraded the required amount of Victory Towns to Provisional Garrison IconUpgradesProvisionalGarrison.png. Fifteen minutes after the end of a World Conquest, the Resistance Phase begins automatically. While the exact duration of each Resistance Phase is not the same, it is no shorter than a day and no longer than a week, and typically lasts less than two days. The Resistance Phase ends with the start of the next World Conquest. The exact start date and time of each new World Conquest as well as the starting conditions (the map and the first three tiers of each tech tree) are announced in the updates channel of the Foxhole official Discord (

The World Map resets when a new World Conquest begins so nothing you do during the resistance phase will carry over (except for commends you give or receive).

The starting time of the next war is shown in the top left corner on the Deployment screen in Home Region.


The Resistance Phase was an experimental feature originally implemented to provide a more fluid feeling to the war cycles. It represented a period of unrest following the war's conclusion, during which the defeated faction would re-establish its presence in Caoiva, and technological advancements brought by the previous war would be lost in the ensuing chaos. This would provide for a more organic transitional feeling compared to a jarring “reset” of the World Conquest cycle.