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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

The Foreman is an all-purpose, no-frills, easy to assemble crane. Perfect for hauling heavy loads in facilities where loading and offloading is commonplace.
In-game description

The BMS Foreman Stacker (also known as a Facility Crane) is a player-built facility structure used to move shippables around.


It can be built by players on Foundations using a Construction Vehicle and costs 10 Processed Construction Materials. It can't be built less than 10m from another Facility Crane.

Tier 2 Facilities must be fully researched in the Weapons and Structure IconFilterWeaponsStructures.png Tech Tree in order to be constructed.


A single Power Line can be connected to it to provide the power required for production. The line can be disconnected by pressing the "Disconnect All Power" BtPowerDisconnect.png button.


The original builder can instantly demolish it BtDemolish.png if it was built less than 28 days ago (materials refunded).


The original builder can reserve it for a Squad BtReserve.png for 52 hours (can be refreshed) to prevent non-members from modifying it.


It is immune to Friendly Fire but it can be flagged for "Disruptive Structure Placement" BtRemove.png to remove the immunity (5 "votes" needed).


When destroyed, it leaves behind a "husk" that can be destroyed or rebuilt. Reconstruction uses the same tool and materials as the construction. It can only be done by the faction that owned the facility.

Actions Log

In its interface you can view the Actions Log BtLog.png to check the modifications done to it and the logs of production orders.


You can access its interface when on foot or in a logistics vehicle by pressing E.

Crane Operation

It requires 0.5MW of power to function. It can be entered by pressing Q (default). You aim and move the crane arm with RMB. While the arm is moving, an icon will show on the ground directly below the crane hook. When aiming said icon above a shippable, it will change icon to a set of gears. When using LMB, it will pick up the shippable, which then can be dropped at another spot or into a shipping vehicle, like the Flatbed Truck or Freighter.

You can rotate the crane hook and what it's lifting using A and D.

The arm's range is a little over 20m from the crane's center.


  • When the Facility Crane was introduced in Update 1.50 ('Inferno'), it had the exact same model as the Stationary Crane, which is attached to world structures, such as the Refinery, Seaport, and the Storage Depot.
    • The model was updated in Update 1.51, which added a metal skirt around the base of the structure, which was added to differentiate it.