R-5 “Atlas” Hauler

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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

This standard Truck is fitted with a resource hopper in place of the standard cargo hold. This allows for a much greater capacity for resources at the expense of space for cargo.
In-game description

The R-5 “Atlas” Hauler is a Colonial Truck specially designed to transport raw resources, and technology materials.

General Info


The R-5 “Atlas” Hauler holds one passenger, and houses a crew of one soldier:

  • Driver (Seat 1)
    • Controls the movement of the vehicle, and can see the remaining fuel in the vehicle
  • Passenger (Seat 2)
    • A seat used to hold/transport players
    • Has no tactical function
    • Due to being in an enclosed vehicle, they cannot use their secondary equipment


It can directly interact with most structures (either world structures or player-built ones):

  • The Driver can access inventories - press E or Shift + E
    • Can pull twice as fast compared to being on foot
    • Able to pull up to up to 3 times the normal amount - press Shift + LMB


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Garage 120 x Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  R-5 “Atlas” Hauler R-5 Atlas Hauler Vehicle Icon.png 120 Hammer hits
Mass Production Factory 360 x Basic Materials Basic Materials.png Crate of 3 x  R-5 “Atlas” Hauler R-5 Atlas Hauler Vehicle Icon.png 01:40:00

Storage & Transport

The R-5 “Atlas” Hauler can be stored in a Storage Depot, Seaport or Storage Ship.

It can be packaged into a large Shippable and transported only by certain Shipping Vehicles (Barge, Freighter, Storage Ship, Flatbed Car, or Large Crane).


The R-5 “Atlas” Hauler is a vehicle whose sole purpose is to transport raw resources from one destination to another. During early-game, they are extremely useful, however this usefulness gets diminished as more logistical infrastructure is built, and larger carrying vehicles, like Flatbed Trucks, are more widely available. Despite these downsides, they are perfect for quickly transporting resources from one point to another. This comes in handy with simple facilities, where cranes and small trains are not built.

While trucks should be stored within a Seaport or Storage Depot, if you do not plan on storing it there, then make sure it is behind defenses with AI, as parking them in front will block their line of sight, making them unable to shoot targets.


  • In Greek mythology, Atlas was a titan condemned by Zeus to hold up the sky
  • Despite Coke being a product of another raw resource, Coal, it is considered a raw resource and can be stored/transported by any vehicle/stockpile using this