74c-2 Ronan Meteora Gunship

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The Meteora Gunship replaces the machinegun with another identical 120mm artillery cannon on the bow.
In-game description

The 74c-2 Ronan Meteora Gunship is a Warden Gunboat equipped with two 120mm light artillery cannons.

General Info


The 74c-2 Ronan Meteora Gunship houses a crew of three soldiers:

  • Driver (Seat 1)
    • Controls the movement of the vehicle, and can see the remaining fuel in the vehicle
  • Front Gunner (Seat 2)
    • Controls the movement, reloading, and firing of the front 120mm light artillery cannon
    • Uses the Mouse Scroll Wheel to adjust the firing distance
  • Rear Gunner (Seat 3)
    • Controls the movement, reloading, and firing of the rear 120mm light artillery cannon
    • Uses the Mouse Scroll Wheel to adjust the firing distance
  • Commander (Seat 4)
    • Capable of directing the crew, as well as giving them a better overview of the battlefield
    • Can open up the hatch by pressing E, which allows the player to use their secondary, such as binoculars

Although it is possible to use the ship without a Commander, it's not recommended as it will limit your awareness on the battlefield. Despite this, it is possible to be effective without it as another crew member can switch seats to help spot targets.

Inventory & Armament

The boat has two armaments:

The vehicle has one dedicated ammo slot that can hold 30 120mm shells.

Engine & Mobility

Health & Armor

The 74c-2 Ronan Meteora Gunship has 1320 HP and is disabled under 50% health. It has "Light Armor" resistance: it can soak small arms fire and shrapnel, and it is immune to Flamethrowers. But it won't last long when faced with 12.7mm machine guns, heavy explosives, or anti-tank weaponry.
It takes 160 Basic Materials to fully repair it from 1% to 100% health with a Hammer. Its health can be instantly repaired at a Shipyard for 50 Basic Materials.


Structure Input(s) Output Time

Must be fully researched in the Vehicle IconFilterVehicle.png Tech Tree in order to be produced.

Storage & Transport

The 74c-2 Ronan Meteora Gunship can be stored in a Seaport.

It cannot be packaged or transported by another vehicle. As such, it must be driven to its destination, regardless of where it is.


The 74c-2 Ronan Meteora Gunship being armed with a second light artillery cannon makes it good for sieges, as its able to lay down twice the artillery firepower to coastal defenses and support naval landings, by suppressing enemy infantry and vehicles. Due to not having a 12.7mm machine gun, it comes with risks as the gunboat is unable to defend itself if its attacked.

Due to the rear artillery turret unable to fire directly in front of it, the entire ship must be angled in order for it to hit its target. In order for both artillery turrets to hit the same target, it is much easier to have the gunboat facing horizontally towards the target, or parallel to the coastline.

Its major weakness ironically, is infantry, and in certain cases, flanking AB-11 “Doru”. Despite its large profile, it is fairly weak to explosives and heavy kinetic damage, meaning anything heavier than a 12.7mm round will inflict major damage to the vehicle. This is particular dangerous when infantry can throw stickies off of barges (also known as a "Battle Barge") and disable, or outright destroy the gunboat. Crews must be aware of their surroundings to ensure this does not happen.

Standard Equipment Loadout
Like with every other armored vehicle, the crew should ALWAYS equip themselves with a Gas Mask and multiple Filters to avoid dying to Gas Grenades. Additionally, they should bring a Hammer and Basic Materials to repair the ship (though this requires dry land in order to ). These tactics can be buffed by wearing either a Tank Uniform or an Engineer Uniform.


  • Like all vehicles that use large shells, they can be quickly submitted into them without accessing their inventory
    • While this can be done for all vehicles, it should only be done if they can carry/use large items
  1. Equip the shell and walk up to the vehicle
  2. Submit the shell into the vehicle - press V


  • “Ronan” is the anglicized form of Rónán which is a given name of Irish and Breton origin. The name roughly translates to "little seal"
  • "Meteora" is a greek word meaning "lofty" or "elevated". It is etymologically related to the word "meteor"