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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.56) of the game.

These boundless wetlands span much of the eastern heart of Caoiva. An unfortunate consequence of the flooding of Deepfleet, this extension of the valley is a muddied mire filled with twisted wooden pathways and murky shallow waters.
Foxhole Devblog 65

The Drowned Vale is a map located in the center right of the world map, bordering Deadlands, Marban Hollow, Endless Shore, Allod's Bight, Shackled Chasm, and Umbral Wildwood. The map's main features are the large broken dam, swampy terrain covering majority of the region, and the Bulwark. The map is characterized by tons of flood damage, consisting of muddy plains, tons of small creeks and damaged infrastructure scattered throughout the region.

The capital of the region, ironically named The Baths, is one of the areas struck by the flooding. It is located on an island bisected by the Bulwark in the center of the map, and accessible by 4 bridges to the Northeast, Northwest, West, and Southeast.

The map's Town Base that contributes to the World Conquest's "Victory Condition" is The Baths.

Logistical Locations

Logistical Locations refers to the ways logi can interact within the region, either for storage, transportation, or resource collection/processing.


The Drowned Vale has waterways that pass through Deadlands, Endless Shore, Maiden's Veil, and Shackleed Chasm. As such, there is a Seaport located in The Baths that can be accessed by Barges and Freighters.

Railway Lines

There are permanent rail lines that are placed around the region.

  • Railway Bridge - North-Northeast of The Baths
  • Railway Bridge - Northeast of The Baths
  • Railway Bridge - West-Southwest of The Baths
  • Railway Bridge - Southeast of The Baths
  • Railway Bridge - South of the Vessel Town Base
  • Permanent rail line that runs through The Bulwark, West of The Wash Relic Base, and The Wash Keep
  • Permanent rail line that runs through The Bulwark, West of The Baths
  • Permanent rail line that runs through The Bulwark, East of The Baths
  • Permanent rail line that runs along the South Coast of the land mass containing The Baths
    • Allows railway access to the Seaport

Water Wells

There are three (3) Water Wells located within the region:

  • Coaldrifter Stead - Northeast of the Town Base
  • The Baths - South of the Town Base, across the road from the Seaport
  • The Saltcaps - Northeast of the Town Base


Depending on the map configuration, (North vs South, or East vs West) The Baths can have either:

There is one (1) shipyard located in the region:

  • Sop Fields (North-Northwest of Coaldrifter Stead)

Depending on the map configuration, Resource Fields and Resource Mines will be placed around the region, with the type of fields and mines changing every war.


  • The Baths will always contain a Seaport
  • Loggerhead will always contain a Storage Depot

Update History

  • 0.26 War Machine - The Drowned Vale was added into the game as a World Conquest map.
    • Added alongside eight other maps and integrated into the current world (expanding it even more).
  • 0.29 - Border Forts were removed and repurposed as Zone Bases.
  • 0.37 - The map was heavily redesigned, removing the majority of the region's shallows, and the wooden bridges. ** The capital of the region, The Baths, was moved and redesigned.
  • 1.54 Naval Warfare - A slope east of The Saltcaps was reworked to accommodate Endless Shore’s move east.


Old Letter

Old Letter
Slick with dirt and damp, you find a pile of letters mingling amongst a smattering of small parts, tools and different calibres of bullets. One of the letters illuminates what this intrepid engineer might have been up to.
The mechanism won’t fire quick enough to make a difference. It overheats and I can’t seem to get the balance right. Everytime I try to hit the target it flails about wildly. Three tripods I’ve broken, Jonathan, three! How’d they manage it? Maybe we’ll never know.

I must have burned my skin to bone about as many times as I’ve broken fingers. These blasted old rifles… maybe it’s time to seek out new materials. New tools. I fear I may not be successful out here in the wetlands. Let me tell you, those dreadful birds never shut up!

If you have any thoughts, please write back in a hurry.

He signs off with only, ‘Your dear friend.’

Location of Old Letter
The Drowned Vale - E12k9



Old Letter

Dead Bird?

Dead Bird?
The grisly sight of a dead bird lies before you. Yet, depsite your own logical internal protests, you decide to take a closer look.
At first, what you take for a dead bird is in fact, a carcass stuffed with straw and leaves. Its feathers and eyes have been carefully reconstructed.

What a morbid display.

Location of Dead Bird?
The Drowned Vale - E12k9



Dead Bird?

Mad Scrawlings

Mad Scrawlings
A putrid stench fills the air. You nearly retch, but steel yourself and swallow it back. The source of the smell is clear; a skeletal corpse lay against the wall. A small rock is entangled between bony fingers.
Your eyes flit to something peculiar behind him. The wall near the corpse is plastered with mad scrawlings.

Hah. I figured out what none could. Stupid smugglers. Stupid me, I guess. They found me, and I’m sure you figured out what happened.

There’s another wall, you must know. Nothing less than a tank will crack it, and even then, I’m not sure that would do it. Maybe with enough force.

Enough . . . What is enough?

It’s dark now. Light flickers. Out of matches. Cold. Hungry. The monsters. Did I deserve this?

Location of Mad Scrawlings
The Drowned Vale - E11k2



Mad Scrawlings


The Drowned Vale -w Icons & Locations.png

Named Locations in The Drowned Vale

  • The Baths
  • Bootnap
  • Coaldrifter Stead
  • Eastmarch
  • Esterfal
  • Fleetsfall River
  • Loggerhead
  • The Other Vein
  • The Saltcaps
  • Singing Serpents
  • Sop Fields
  • Splinter Pens
  • Sprite's Game
  • The Turtlerocks
  • The Wash
  • The Willow Wood
  • Wisp's Warning
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