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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.56) of the game.

Once an immense reservoir, Warden soldiers burst open the Lughbone Dam, turning it into a deadly, nefarious weapon; the Deepfleet Valley below was flooded, routing a vast armored force. Thousands paid the toll as villages, homes, and entire communities were doomed to a watery grave.
Foxhole Devblog 65

Marban Hollow is a World Conquest region located in the northeastern part of the map. The southwestern quarter of the map contains many chokepoints that both sides can use to a defensive advantage. The east and west sides of the map are split by a set of reservoirs, only connected by a single set of bridges on the ruins of the Lughbone Dam. A unique feature of the map is the expansive fields of permanent ice covering a substantial portion of the northern reservoir, which can be crossed by infantry and armor alike.

Update History

  • 0.26 War Machine - Marban Hollow was added into the game as a World Conquest map.
    • Added alongside eight other maps and integrated into the current world (expanding it even more).
  • 0.41 - A Seaport has been added to Maiden's Veil.
  • 0.45 - Saltmarch was renamed to The Claim.
  • 1.54 Naval Warfare - Introduced multiple changes to the map.
    • Lughbone Dam has been moved and reworked slightly.
    • The mountain south of The Claim is now made of red rocks.
    • Observation Towers in non-coastal/island regions were removed.


Engineer's Notes

Engineer's Notes
You stumble upon a rusted old toolbox and a clipboard with loose documents.
A lot of it is remarkably well-preserved. The notes are filled with architectural sketches and engineering drafts, none of which you can make sense of.

Notes fill the margins, but only one in particular catches your interest.

The internal vaults should and will hold fast against conventional methods. It would take a concentrated force to break through, considering they’ve reinforced it with slabs and braided metals.

Ordinary munitions would do little more than chip the concrete. Only those versed in proper demolitions would have a chance at breaking through. Of those, there aren’t many these days.

Our take should stay safe. Well, at least for a time.

Location of Engineer's Notes
Marban Hollow - L8k2



Engineer's Notes


Marban Hollow -w Icons & Locations.png

Named Locations in Marban Hollow

  • Bleating Plateau
  • Bubble Basin
  • Checkpoint Bua
  • The Clutch
  • The Curse
  • Deepfleet Valley
  • Gaping Maw
  • Lockheed
  • Lockheed Breakers
  • Lughbone Dam
  • Maiden's Veil
  • Mount Mac Tire
  • Mox
  • Oster Wall
  • Pilgrimage
  • The Claim
  • Sanctum
  • Slender Cove
  • The Spitrocks
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