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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (1.52) of the game. It was last updated for 1.50.

The Eastern Caoivish coast is a dangerous place. Many a ship have come seeking a protective wing, only to be greeted by the misery of the Bight. Those who have been able to tame this rocky coast were welcomed with open arms, just like the Velian captain who conquered the Endless Sea.
Matt in Discord

Allod's Bight is a map in the southeast of the world map. It is a coastal map and grants a land connection to Tempest Island.


The map features large flat lands broken up with large inaccessible mountains and rocks, as well as a few bridges. This gives the map a few chokepoints which, when taken, allow the attackers to quickly push to the next choke point. Allod's Bight also has many beaches on the north side, making it vulnerable to sea landings.

Although it appears to be one large landmass, the middle and east side of the map function as an island due to a large inaccessible mountain in the land-bridge, dividing the map in two. Luckily, there are bridges in the north and south side for land-based access.

Allod's Bight has the most eastern end of The Bulwark, which ends in the sea just south of Scurvyshire.


Allod's Bight has been added with Update 0.26 with the introduction of hexagonal maps, where it was placed east of the original 3 southern maps (Westgate, Heartlands and Umbral Wildwood).


Scattered Parts

Scattered Parts
A collection of mechanical parts are strewn about the ground.
Picking through them, you notice a few you don’t recognize. They seem like they may fit current armour, but in ways which you’re unsure.

You lift a pipe and read the inscription on the side.

H5-Beta Vulcan

It has a curious fitting on one end, with large bolts and oddly shaped washers.

You toss it back into the pile and go about your day.

Location of Scattered Parts
Allod's Bight - I9k3



Scattered Parts


It's a journal written by Legatus Alekos Dimas.
Singed pages from a journal with entries signed by Legatus Alekos Dimas. Many entries are banal, but others are alarming.

24 Lunarly, 796.

I’ve eaten nothing but crab, rotten apple slices, and olives for the better part of weeks. I’d kill for some tea, or even boiled water. Since these damnable northerners locked down the border, I’ve seen too many starve: children, elderly, or worse. I’ve shared rations with my students to keep them strong, but it’s not enough.

It’s never enough.

25 Lunarly, 796.

Nothing of note today. Some of the children are sneezing up a storm with hay fever. It is common this time of year.

28 Lunarly, 796.

Death has often been a fixture in my life, and I’ve lost many comrades. I’ve accepted it as a truth, mourned them in my own way, through rage and duty. But this time…

I’m at a loss for words. My Ana, she’s inconsolable. The girl’s blood is fire and I fear she’ll too find herself buried in retaliation. The pot's about to boil over and there’s naught I can do to stop it I’m afraid.

The best I can provide is guidance.

10 Respira, 796.

The sight of her leaning in the doorway, painted head to toe in red. I’ve never seen a thing like it. She disobeyed my order, yet it was an order given only to keep her safe. Perhaps I may have been keeping our oppressors safe. They don’t know who we are, who she is. Gods help what they’ve unleashed.

Location of Horror
Allod's Bight - M6k8





Allod's Bight -w Icons & Locations.png

Named Locations in Allod's Bight[1]

  • A Captain's Repose
  • Allod's Children
  • Belaying Trace
  • Blunder Bight
  • Breath of Cetus
  • Gangrenous Hollow
  • Harpy's Perch
  • Homesick
  • The List
  • Mercy's Wail
  • Rumhold
  • The Rumroad
  • Scurvyshire
  • The Stone Plank
  • Titan's End
  • The Turncoat
  • Witch's Last Flight

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