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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.55) of the game.

In the southeast corner of Caoiva lies the Shackled Chasm, a path cut through the rocky crust of the earth straight to the border. One must take care when navigating the clear blue waters of the gorge. Abstract rock formations cut deep into a winding river fed by northern mountain runoff.
Foxhole Devblog 67

Shackled Chasm has been added with Update 0.26. The many mountains combine with the winding river to create critical chokepoints that both factions can use for a defensive advantage.


With Update 0.29 Border Forts has been removed and been repurposed as Zone Bases.


Colonial Recon Report

Colonial Recon Report
You’ve discovered a stolen Colonial recon report.
There’s a typed letter attached, it reads:

Magister, we’ve heard from our Kraunian allies out west: the Bronze Men have taken the desert at Leiloa Fa. The Senate implores us to keep contact with them. They may be drunks and rapists, but they are a powerful force with whom we wish to ensure allegiance.

We offer them much, and they serve our interests in the west. This is a game we must play. There are whispers of resistances trickling out of the warring countries. Some refusing to fight, others refusing to provide. This is troubling. Reports from our own city-states claim total fidelity as anticipated.

I suspect the Bronze Men along with our myriad allies, will play a part in maintaining their loyalty for generations.

Location of Colonial Recon Report
Shackled Chasm - G9k6



Colonial Recon Report

A Personal Treatise on the Impact of the Hanged Men

A Personal Treatise on the Impact of the Hanged Men
There are scattered pages from a newly written manuscript.
The name "Tobias Zephyr"is signed on the title page.

You leaf through the treatise and stop, skimming over a few paragraphs.

Though the vaults were first discovered by sycophants and scheming thieves, exposing the inner workings of the vaults and allowing us access to relics of old has had its advantages. It is no surprise that many schematics and blueprints had become unfortunate victims in the various raids on our plants in the south. The engineers did what they could, but a mere imitation will always be just that, a second-rate copy.

Now through reverse engineering these beasts, new schematics have been drawn up, and we do believe we can manufacture a suitable replacement alloy for those no longer in abundance. What is more, various improvements to the overall structure, and we have made many modernizations. Such are the insights of these discoveries that we believe some rediscovered processes may yet make their way back into our modern arsenal.

The Hanged men, the greedy bastards, have done us an extraordinary service in hoarding the past—Colonial and Warden both—behind their mountainous vaults. It is a damn shame we had not discovered them sooner. In consequence, more intel on Warden manufacturing has landed in our lap, details behind the superb structural engineering use on the vaults themselves, and we have reclaimed a piece of our history.

The Magisters will be all too eager to study these schematics and their impact on the war effort. I dispatched copies by courier to Alympia College. Though Paeon would like to see their order abolished, I have found the Magisters to be quite helpful in my time on the council. In truth, it is a shame more are not trained. Mayhaps we would have fewer scoundrels. It is a foolish thought;the classless are like rats: stamp one out, and a dozen more take their place.

Forgive these digressions;they are the ramblings of an old, optimistic fool. Now, onto matters concerning the identities of the Hanged Men . .

Location of A Personal Treatise on the Impact of the Hanged Men
Shackled Chasm - I12k7



A Personal Treatise on the Impact of the Hanged Men


Shackled Chasm -w Icons & Locations.png

Named Locations in Shackled Chasm[1]

  • A Careless Net
  • A New Spring
  • Autumn Pyres
  • The Bell Toll
  • The Blue
  • Final Step
  • The First Rung
  • Firstmarch
  • The Foolish Maidens
  • Gorgon Grove
  • The Grave of Rastus
  • Hades Ladder
  • Legion's Dawn
  • Manky Hills
  • The Plunging
  • Reflection
  • Silk Farms
  • Simo's Run
  • Southreach
  • The Vanguard
  • Widow's Web


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