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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.56) of the game.

The child of a Velian noble and a Caoivish refugee, Avery Cirillo was every bit the duality of her heritage. During Operation Twisted Arrow, Avery served as a grenadier for the Third Spears regiment based out of Acrithia. While carrying out orders to hold back a Warden advance, the sudden appearance of Warden aircraft routed her squad. In the first wave, an explosion caught her left leg. Through sheer determination, or perhaps roused by watching her comrades fall, Avery dragged herself to a nearby anti-air cannon and hauled the previous operator’s corpse from the seat to return fire upon the Warden bombers. Inspired by her grit, fleeing soldiers halted their retreat and created a perimeter around Avery’s position, dressing her wounds and providing her with auxiliary support. Not a single Warden soldier made it across the front that day. As a reward for her bravery, Polemarch Leventis awarded her with a state-of-the-art prosthetic. She remained on the battlefield for decades to follow.
Foxhole Devblog 87 - The World of Foxhole: Part II

Acrithia is a World Conquest region located in the southeast of the world. It consists of a long winding waterway, with large bays on each side, and towns located near the water. Due to the nearby waterway, there are various marshes that are scattered along the coastlines. Its waterway provides a vital route between Kalokai and Shackled Chasm, allowing various vehicles to travel there.

The map's Town Base that contributes to the World Conquest's "Victory Condition" is Patridia.

Logistical Locations

Waterways & Railway Lines

Acrithia's main waterway provides direct water access to Kalokai and Shackled Chasm, and can be accessed by Naval Vehicles.

There are various permanent railway structures placed around the region:

  • Railway Track
    • Patridia - going along the coast, allowing access to the Seaport
  • Railway Bridges
    • One Bridge - West of Legion Ranch
    • One Bridge - Northeast of Patridia

Water Wells

There is one Water Well located within the region:

Depending on the frontline, it is advantageous to store filled Water Buckets in order to proactively store water in case of fires. Water Wells are considered as water sources, but they cannot be used to harvest water cans.


In certain war configurations, this region will be a Logistics Town (known as a 'Logi Hub'). Logi Hubs are towns located in the backlines that contain various logistical structures, which help produce/unlock various equipment. They are the only places where the tech tree can be progressed.

The Logi Hub located in Patridia will contain:

Depending on the map configuration it may contain various logistical structures, which can provide various frontline needs.

  • Patridia - a Construction Yard
    • NOTE: This is assuming it's not a Logi Hub.


There are three Shipyards located in the region:

  • Patridia (3)
    • (1) - Next to the Seaport
    • (2) - Northeast of the Town Base


  • Location(s) that contain a Seaport
    • Patridia
  • Location(s) that contain a Storage Depot
    • Legion Ranch
    • Thetus Ring

Update History

  • 0.46 Entrenched - Acrithia was added into the game as a World Conquest map.
    • Added alongside 13 other maps (placed on the top and bottom of the old world map).
  • 1.50 Inferno - Preplaced Railway Tracks and Train Bridges were introduced to the game, with a permanent Railway Track and multiple Train Bridges placed on the map.


Makeshift Altar

Makeshift Altar
There’s an altar, makeshift as it is.
A small altar has been constructed from logs and clay bowls. It seems to have been a well-trodden area from the looks of things. There are several empty journals that would’ve likely been used to practice self-reflection, a common Velian practice.

There are several crude children’s drawings to the left of the altar. The whole setup feels like as though this crumbling fort once harboured an entire community.

Location of Makeshift Altar
Acrithia - I11k2



Makeshift Altar

Makeshift Encampment

Makeshift Encampment
An ancient, rundown fortress has been converted into a camp of sorts.
A rotten stench emanates from stacks of crates and barrels packed inside the walls of this crumbling fortress. There are several makeshift shelters filled with unkempt bedrolls and belongings strewn about.

Signs of a rodent infestation are abundant. Hidden in the dark corners you the see the glowing yellowing eyes of small cats staring back, as if afraid of your presence.

You first posit that they must have used these stone walls as cover for a refugee camp. Upon further inspection, you spot many signs that children would have occupied this space. Dolls and clothing too small for an adult, small games and useless trinkets.

Whoever occupied this space, they were well-stocked for a long winter. Nothing indicates a struggle, no bodies, blood, no bullet holes in the walls, and everything seems almost frozen in time. The occupants would have picked up only what they had around them and left, especially with so much food left to rot.

Wherever the children have gone, you are thankful they at least had some safety behind these ancient walls and hope they were given shelter in the nearby town.

You press a hand to the cold stone and close your eyes. Along with the blowing wind and leaves, you swear the walls are breathing. Perhaps sighing.

You’re probably just imagining things.

Location of Makeshift Encampment
Acrithia - I11k2



Makeshift Encampment

Stone Carving

Stone Carving
You notice something out of place on the stones.
Something is carved into the wall.

Temple of the Third Spears

Cirillo House

Each letter is carefully considered, spaced and lined impeccably. Someone put quite the effort into ensuring the cuts were deep and legible.

Location of Stone Carving
Acrithia - I11k2



Stone Carving


Acrithia -w Icons & Locations.png

Map Locations

  • Astero's Spear
  • The Brinehold
  • Camp Omnicron
  • Duelling Kegs
  • Fated Heel
  • Final March
  • Heir Apparent
  • Legion Ranch
  • Nereid Keep
  • Patridia
  • Riverlands
  • Swordfort
  • Thetus Ring
  • Weary Slumber

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