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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.52) of the game.

Cuttail Station was once the northernmost outpost in Caoiva. It was left abandoned after villagers fleeing from the Reaching Trail met with the region's inhabitants to form a large caravan. Together they fled to the safety of Whedon's Row. In the years that followed, the woods became overrun with wild foxes and wolves. Those who refused to leave lived symbiotically with the beasts to the point of near worship. Descendants of those who stayed wrote about one particular conflict with a unit of legionaries. The soldiers had attempted to garrison several towns and subjugate whatever civilians stayed behind. Instead of laying down their arms, the villagers fought back, using their knowledge of the land against their attackers. While the legionaries may have prepared for resistance, they certainly weren't prepared to wage war against the wilds themselves.
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Basin Sionnach is a map hex located north of the world map and has a large central C-shaped basin which leads into a river that continues into Howl County. The hex map was introduced in Update 0.46 (officially known as 'Entrenched').

The map's Town Base that contributes to the World Conquest's "Victory Condition" is Cuttail Station.

Update History

  • Basin Sionnach was one of the new regions added in Update 0.46 (officially known as 'Entrenched'), which added 14 additional hexagon regions into the game
  • In Update 1.50 (officially known as 'Inferno'), permanent Railway Tracks and Railway Bridges were added


A Brief History of Caoiva Vol. II

A Brief History of Caoiva Vol. II
A book lies open on the table titled, “Volume II - A Brief History of Caoiva.”
…upon death or inability to carry out his duties, the Witan will gather within the Fastness in the great hall to discuss potential candidates. Like members of the Witan, the Archon must be selected from amongst the original clans that fought during the Breaking.

These clans, brought together by founder Iain Callahan, have fought hard to protect Caoiva’s sovereignty as a nation, despite ever constant attempts from the souther colonizers to usurp her independence. This process, derived from ancient peace times. This includes taking on increase responsibility upon the death of a fellow councillor or Archon.

In the event of a fallen Archon, a councillor is selected as deputy and assumes temporary power immediately upon confirmation reaching Whedon’s Row. This power may be vetoed at the Witan’s unanimous discretion. Such a provision is necessary to ensure none may usurp the Archon’s chair without backing from the Witan.

Interestingly, there has only been a single sitting Archon, not bearing the Callahan or Mercy name. That was the founder of the country’s western Gem, Duncan MacConmara. His sitting, short-lived as it was, represents a tumultuous period in the country’s history, as he led the Wardens to defeat in the battle for Sunhaven which shattered the region and saw the country’s capital overtaken by a young Velian commander who outsmarted the man at every turn.

It was the sitting councillor, “Powderkeg” Jon Barrony, whose command held the Velian Colonials in the north, who signed the agreement with the Nevish Monarchy, which would later form the basis of the Nevish Alliance.

Location of A Brief History of Caoiva Vol. II
Basin Sionnach - J15k6



A Brief History of Caoiva Vol. II



Map Locations

  • Basin Sionnach
  • Basinhome
  • Cunning Cross
  • Cuttail Station
  • The Den
  • The Foxfields
  • Lamplight
  • Radiant Shore
  • Sess
  • Stoic
  • Torchwood

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