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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (1.57) of the game. It was last updated for 1.56.

Throughout a war, Technology in each faction slowly progresses. New weapons, structures, and vehicles technologies become available. The progression isn't automatic but player driven. All things related to tech are done at Engineering Centers where the Technology Tree can be viewed.


There are two separate categories in the tech tree of a faction (one for vehicles IconFilterVehicle.png, and one for weapons and structures IconFilterWeaponsStructures.png). Each category progresses independently from the other. The position of each technology in the tree can change between wars.

A Vehicle Tech Tree and a Weapons and Structures Tech Tree from the Wardens from War 110

Research Levels

Research Levels, also known as Technology Levels, are the lines in each category where equipment is researched in order to be unlocked. On each level, the technology (aka the piece of equipment) on the left side of the divider is where players submit various Technology Materials, producing Prototype Kits, and progressing that technology. The technologies on the right side of the divider are the equipment that automatically unlocks when the Research Level is completed.

Prototype Kits are produced with Iron Alloy, Copper Alloy, and Aluminum Alloy. The type and quantity needed for a particular Prototype Kit is displayed by putting your cursor on that tech's icon. Once created the kits allows players to produce a number of objects and prototype versions of vehicles and structures that are not yet available for normal production.

Multiple researchable technologies can be progressed simultaneously, with the unlocked technology becomes widely accessible for production for the entire faction when the Research Level is filled to 100% (each level requires a different amount to fully unlock).

Not all levels are immediately visible it the faction, as it will show three levels ahead of the current level, and the rest are marked as 'unknown'. Progressing down the tech tree will reveal these hidden levels.

Special Technologies

There are two technologies in the Weapons and Structures category which are not actual structures or weapons.

Tier 2 Facilities FacilityRefinery2Icon.png

Allows the construction of the following buildings:

Allows the following upgrades:

Tier 3 Facilities FacilityRefinery2Icon.png

Allows the construction of the following buildings:

Allows the following upgrades:


  • Foxhole's technology mechanic has changed over the course of its development, with the previous iteration being closer to the current version. There used to be Tech Choices, where there could be two (or more) unlockable technologies in competition. These would be "voted on", with the level's progress being the sum of progress for all competing technologies, i.e. equaling 100% (e.g. 80% done on one tech and 20% on the other).
    • Once a Research Level is completed, the other competing technologies are locked. After every research level is completed once, the tech tree category returns to the first level with unfinished technologies.
    • This would later be changed to include one tech choice, removing the possibility to be unable to produce a piece of equipment for a while (and potential inner-faction conflict).