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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.56) of the game.

At the crest of northern Caoiva lies Fort Viper, a storied fortress harboring grisly secrets. Perched above the frigid Nimh Lake, the castle has drawn a long shadow over the city of Kirknell for centuries, shielding it from the ravages of war.
Foxhole Devblog 66

Viper Pit is a World Conquest region located in the Northeastern part of the map. It features a mix of environments: urban towns, bridges, mountains, and elevated terrains. The main city is surrounded by ruined fortress walls that can be climbed, providing defenders chokepoints when under seige.

The map's Town Base that contributes to the World Conquest's "Victory Condition" is Kirknell.

Logistical Locations

Waterways & Railway Lines

Water Wells


Depending on the map configuration it may contain various logistical structures, which can provide various frontline needs.

  • Kirknell - a Construction Yard, and Two Factories


There are four Shipyards located in the region:


Update History


Viper's Skull

Viper's Skull
A large stone sits at the center of a carefully constructed enclosure.
Here sits the Viper's Skull, Kirknell's founding stone.

This stone, as it sits, has done before us all, and will remain forever and beyond.

Location of Viper's Skull
Viper Pit - F9k4



Viper's Skull

Letter From the Office of the Archon

Letter From the Office of the Archon
A stack of letters from various parts of alliance territory rest on the table.
Return addresses from Nicnevin, Whedon’s Row, Sorovia, while some come from as far west as Wenitai.

You open a letter from Whedon’s Row.

From the office of the Archon.

Judith Abell,

These pirates must be dealt with. It’s bad enough that such sensitive Warden intel has leaked, but now we’re dealing with gutless cowards too. Did you know they’re mostly deserters, the Hanged Men? I’d like to get a noose around their necks myself.

Now I’m hearing that you’re tearing apart our arsenal and fitting them with . . . with what? It seems like a buffoonish vanity project to me. The Archon is not pleased and expects a full report explaining why resources have been spent on nonsense. It would behoove you to act quickly, lest he sends the Hands. Were it a Callahan in the chair, you might have your requests placated, but alas.

Stop acting impetuously, Judith, or you will forfeit your position. There are plenty of sharks in the sea.

Location of Letter From the Office of the Archon
Viper Pit - E8k9



Letter From the Office of the Archon


Viper pit -w icons & locations.png

Map Locations

  • Afric's Approach
  • Austriaca River
  • Blackthroat
  • The Bloody Bowery
  • Deadsteps
  • Earl Crowley
  • Earl's Welcome
  • Fleck Crossing
  • Fort Viper
  • The Friars
  • Hardcaps
  • Kirknell
  • The Lady's Lake
  • Lake Mioira
  • Moltworth
  • Path of the Charmed
  • The Rockaway
  • Serenity's Blight
  • The Slithering Scales
  • Snakehead Lake
  • The Tongue
  • Twin Fangs

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