The Linn of Mercy

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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (1.52) of the game. It was last updated for 1.50.

At the point where the icy mountain waters of Callahan’s Passage reach the River Mercy is a densely forested lowland. This intimidating whitewater river can prove quite difficult for the unprepared or deadly for the downright foolish.
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The Linn of Mercy has been added with Update 0.26.


Explorer's Journal

Explorer's Journal
Buried in the sand, you find a bedroll and rucksack, the bag sunbleached, the roll teeming with tiny crabs.
You rifle through the abandoned gear looking for something useful but find only a tattered notebook.

It’s filled with indiscernible drawings of what appear to be maps, each marked with an X. Some are paired with another strange symbol. Scrawlings fill the blanks, but you can only make out one paragraph near a map you recognize as the Vale.

. . . The Hanged Men, it must be them. Who else? It yields to nothing I’ve tried thus far. Small arms are useless. We’ve tried setting a hefty charge, and the damn thing hardly creaked. If we could only find something from before.

Those made in the ways of old, they had more kick. Yes. That crater, to this day I’ve not seen another like it. Find them, yes. A hefty payload, a hefty treasure.

Location of Explorer's Journal
The Linn of Mercy - M7k8



Explorer's Journal

Sunflower Girl

Sunflower Girl
A statue of a young girl offering a sunflower.
The girl’s eyes are both a welcome and a warning. She’s beckoning you to take a moment to rest, and to reflect;you sense the fear in her eyes just as strongly;the message is a welcome one, a reminder that complacency is rewarded by death, but also that you cannot force yourself to march forever.

Sunflower petals brush at your feet in the wind. You pluck a flower at the stem and set it before the girl, compelled by the dancing yellow sea.

There’s an inscription on the statue’s base. You read it.

Lost in flames, we are protected by the Sun,
Our gods need us more than a war needs won.
We stand by their side, watching down from the stars,
Praying for our kin, near and afar.

From the Sun’s embrace, we hold in our hearts,
The end of the fight is not far from the start.
Let there come peace when the Sun burns on hot,
Bring us your love when you meet us in thought.

We are the ones who did not grieve;
We are the ones who only believed;
We are the ones for whom you beg for reprieve;

We are those who have been denied,
A flame snuffed soon, yet our souls defied.

Tell us your tales, but be forewarned,
We march alongside the memories you’ve mourned.

Location of Sunflower Girl
The Linn of Mercy - H6k2



Sunflower Girl


The Linn of Mercy -w Icons & Locations.png

Named Locations in The Linn of Mercy[1]

  • Blackroad
  • The Crimson Gardens
  • The Drone
  • The First Coin
  • Fort Duncan
  • Gallant Gough Boulevard
  • The Great Scale
  • Hardline
  • The Last Grove
  • Lathair
  • The Long Whine
  • Merciful Strait
  • Mudhole
  • Nathair
  • Outwich Ranch
  • The Prairie Bazaar
  • The River Mercy
  • Rotdust
  • Solas Burn
  • Ulster Falls
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