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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.56) of the game.

Once home to a great kingdom, the valley is but a whisper of its former self. Much of its history is lost, with ancient strongholds being torn down to the soil, brick by brick. The stories are passed down from generation to generation and have become twisted and fantastical. One song tells the tale of a “Golden Emperor” from the south who made the long march to the valley attempting to tame the wild mountain men. He laid siege upon the valley king’s castle for months straight, his camp scattered across the bramble fields. The icy tendrils of winter struck the valley, pushing the Golden Emperor to tuck his tail between his legs and flee. At home in the northern cold, the king of the valley took his revenge. One thing has always been true, the soil of the valley is fed by the bones of unfortunate men.
Foxhole Devblog 87 - The World of Foxhole: Part II

Clanshead Valley is a map located in the northeast of the world with a central river running through it that provides land connection to Morgen's Crossing.

The map's Town Base that contributes to the World Conquest's "Victory Condition" is The King.

Update History


A Brief History of Caoiva Vol. III

A Brief History of Caoiva Vol. III
You find a weighty tome with the title “Volume III - A Brief History of Caoiva.”
A page has been torn out, marked up, and shoved back into the incorrect location. The title, “A Golden Conspiracy,” is circled and underlined in ink.

Long before the Breaking, an event which saw our country founded, each territory was controlled by individual clans. These families held sovereignty over borders that were often contested by the neighbouring clans. This internal conflict fortified our ancestors, made them strong and hardy, as those who fell short of their duty quickly fell prey to ambitious kings.

This only tells part of the tale. Some clansmen filled their coffers by making deals with the so-called “Golden Empire” of Mesea. It’s believed that the famed Callum’s Keep was funded almost exclusively through deals that saw ancestors of the Callum family sending foot soldiers and warships to aid in foreign conquests, while bearing promises of backing should war break out across Caoiva.

This part of the page is filled with markings and notes. One underlines the words “Golden Empire” with the notation, “Truth???” above it.

Whatever deals were made between Mesea and the Callum family must have soon been forgotten, for as war found its way to Callum’s doorstep, they cut off the seas with their great fleets and closed their gates, becoming more insular than ever. This ultimately allowed the family to maintain independence, even after Callahan had united the clans of Caoiva.

Location of A Brief History of Caoiva Vol. III
Clanshead Valley - K10k4



A Brief History of Caoiva Vol. III

Missing Rocket

Missing Rocket
Looking for a brief respite, you flip through the papers on the table for something to read.
One letter reads:

Hey Puck,

There’s not much going on over here, so I thought this one might give you a laugh.

We shot one up into the sky, and it never came back. We followed all the steps and entered the calculations coming in over the radio. Sure, they weren’t simple, but it wasn’t anything we hadn’t been through a hundred times before.

Sorry, I’ve gotten ahead of myself. My unit was dispatched to coordinate the launch of a long-range ballistic missile. Truly a standard operation without much excitement to speak of. We coordinated with a team of spotters through a command center operating out of a nearby base. Every input seemed correct, and yet we lost the rocket.

It just… disappeared into the sky. I’d always thought the sky was a dome, but now I don’t know what to believe.

What do you think?

—Cpl. Theo “Artemis” Low

Location of Missing Rocket
Clanshead Valley - K13k5



Missing Rocket

Queen Statue

Queen Statue
A seated woman with a regal disposition. A crow rests on her hand.
After a harrowing climb, you reach the peak to find a stone statue of a woman seated atop a throne. It’s cold up here, and you can’t seem to stay warm.

Location of Queen Statue
Clanshead Valley - K3k6



Queen Statue


Clanshead Valley -w Icons & Locations.png

Map Locations

  • The Bastard's Channel
  • Bramble Field
  • Fallen Crown
  • Fort Ealar
  • Fort Esterwild
  • Fort Windham
  • The King
  • Lost Orphans
  • The Pike
  • Sweetholt
  • Tallowild
  • Throne of Druiminn
  • The Weathered Advance

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