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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (1.57) of the game. It was last updated for 1.56.

A Map Post MapPost.png is a message left by a player on the map. It can be used to communicate a variety of information including reports of enemy positions and requests for supplies at a base. Players can respond to these posts, as well as upvote and downvote the posts to affect their lifespan.

How to Use

A player can leave a Map Post by opening their map and Right Click on the place of interest. This brings up a message box where you can type a short message. The point you right click determines where the upper left hand corner of the box will be. When various Map Posts are placed close to each other, they will collapse in a smaller marker, which can be expanded by hovering over them.

A Map Post can be set to "Public", "Squad", or "Regiment" to limit who can see it.

You can also leave comments on a Map Post by clicking the typing bar below a posted message. You can leave only a single reaction; when you type a new reaction, the previous one will be erased. You can also leave a comment on your own Map Post.

Common Use

Practically anything can be put in the text box of a Map Post. However, random messages and/or unuseful messages tend to disappear quickly, as they get few interaction or get downvoted. Most commonly, you see it used for important game-related messages, such as:

  • Request for delivery of weapons, materials, and the like.
  • Request for manpower (both combat and non-combat roles).
  • Planning and coordinating in squad, in regiment, or between squads.
  • Notifications, such as a spotted enemy (remember that Map Intelligence doesn't always update for every player)
  • Calling out locations for rallying troops, for example when you organise an attack with your Squad


  • All posts (as well as comments) will have a time stamp on them showing how long ago the post was made or updated. By upvoting a Map Post, you can increase the time a map post will be visible, and by downvoting it you can decrease that time.
  • Posts can be seen even if you do not update your Map Intelligence.
  • Keep it brief!