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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.52) of the game.

There's not much at the edge of the world, but for the Stonecradle. Sprawling flatlands brush against rocky shores upon a vast, arcing peninsula. Since the wars, it has become the perfect home for outreaching airfields, and a grave for countless unlucky aces.
Foxhole Devblog

Stonecradle is one of a handful of maps that is mostly wilderness. The few small towns in the region are remote and quaint. There should be plenty of room to stage a wide checkpoint or build a fleet for a naval landing. An airfield can be spotted in the northeastern quarter, marked by the long brown line on the map.

Stonecradle was added in Update 0.26.


Mother's Letter

Mother's Letter
You find a letter from mother to son. Parts are frozen solid, others smudged and illegible.
Why the Brigade of the Eight Sons? I . . . I understand fighting with the Wardens, I do. But must you fight bearing the legacy of a man who left your ancestors to die? His sons were protected, lived full and in luxury, but make no mistake, you will not if you go.

In your last letter, you said you’d already pledged, so I know it’s too late. But we can run. We can leave this land. Find a way out. A way to live. Come home.

The rest is, unfortunately, lost.

Location of Mother's Letter
Stonecradle - K11k4



Mother's Letter

Journal of a Legatus

Journal of a Legatus
You’ve found the journal of First Command, Legatus Alekos Dimas.
At first, you take it for an original, but soon realize it is, in fact, a copy. Some pages have been torn out, but why go through the effort to remove pages from a copy? A page is marked.

8 Cos, 782.

It’s a crisp morning here. I fear I’ll never grow accustomed to this northern weather. In many ways, I admire them. All these years, all they’ve built and to deal with those horrid winters . . .

My work of late has been no less frigid. These children are hopeless. If they can’t be trained they should be put to work. Yet, here I am, wasting away, drinking myself to an early grave with these whelps who can barely tell which way to hold a rifle.

I’m getting old, too old for this war, to be sure. This war that’s bellowed and cooled. I fear I’ll not see its end. A shame, as I’d hoped to see it through.

Location of Journal of a Legatus
Stonecradle - K11k4



Journal of a Legatus

Schematic Notes

Schematic Notes
In passing, you notice a set of schematics with various notes pinned to the stack.
Among the notes are instructions for refitting new parts onto the chassis of a simple truck directed at an individual mechanic.

It’s not ideal to entirely replace the axle, though you may think it necessary. We’ve built adapters that work with the existing axles so that when you fit the new part, the leverage is sound.

There’s a crude drawing of how the adapter fits with several scribbled arrows.

Now, as for how we plan to maximize space in the wagon? They’re built to come off peacefully. Then we can haul in a whole new fitting. Whatever the engineers want to try. It’s easy stuff, but worth noting that the chassis can only handle so much weight, so tell the guys to give’r a test before going all out.

Pete, if anyone bothers you about this, tell ‘em to talk to Ms. Abell. It’s her project. Don’t argue if they demand you stop, just get her out here, and she’ll clear it up. No one wants to see your guys get shot.

Location of Schematic Notes
Stonecradle - I8k2



Schematic Notes

Map Locations

  • Buckler Sound
  • The Cord
  • Daihbi Point
  • The Dais
  • Fading Lights
  • The Heir's Knife
  • The Loneliest Shore
  • The Long Fast
  • Longing
  • The Pram
  • The Reach
  • The Roiling Comets
  • Trammel Pool
  • The Whorl
  • World's End


Stonecradle -w Icons & locations.png

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