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The Regiment system is Foxhole's implementation of a 'Clan' system.

A Regiment has a dedicated chat channel and chat tab. Members of a regiment have the regiment's tag added in front of their name (for example, "K-Ron" becomes "[1st] K-Ron"). All regiment info is in the player menu (press f1). A discord server link for the regiment can be added and appears at the bottom of the F1 menu. Regiments are not reset between World Conquest, unlike Squads.


You must be of rank "SSgt" or above to create a regiment. To do so open the player menu by pressing F1 and select the appropriate option. A discord server link can be assigned to the regiment.


There are three Roles (Ranks):


  • Only one Commander per Regiment.
  • Can promote Members to Officers.
  • Can promote a Member to Commander (doing so will demote you to Officer).
  • Can kick Officers and Members.
  • Can add Members.


  • Can add and/or kick Members.
  • Can promote Members to Officer.


  • No Regiment related powers.


Image showing the Regiment Interface
Image showing the Regiment Interface

The regiment information are all shown in the F1 menu. You can see the list of players in the regiment, their Roles, the squad and the region they are in.

To promote or kick a member, right click their name to see the options.


You can leave a regiment by opening the player menu with F1 and selecting the small icon at the bottom.


A regiment is linked to the faction it was created by. Regiment members that wish to switch to the opposite faction at the start of a new war must first exit the Regiment. Since a Regiment cannot be left from the main menu, they must join the regiment's faction, quickly leave the Regiment in F1 menu before the 6 minute timer locks them in that faction, go back to the main menu and finally select the desired opposite faction.