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When we (the main editors of Foxhole Wiki) have time, we'll compile an Editing Guide to be used for future editors.
~ Bladerikwr (talk) 23:34, 21 June 2018 (UTC)

I will just drop tips here I learn when I go about my editing. ~ Bladerikwr (talk) 23:39, 30 August 2018 (UTC)

Adding new content

Great, a new update releases and you are excited to write some new content! After finishing your initial draft, check Category:Navigation templates to see if you can add it to an appropriate navigation box!

Expanding content

When expanding an article, keep track of what is mentioned where; keep similar topics close together. If the article gets longer than 4 paragraphs, try to see if you can perhaps place a few under a new section (done by using === Section Name ===.

When an article has 4 sections, a 'contents' table will appear. In that case, there should preferably be only 1 (one) starting paragraph; this should contain only very core information. If you are then left over with a few paragraphs of information which you cannot get under a section, create a new section called "description". Here, you can put general items not worth their own sections or text of only a single paragraph.

Take for example this edit. The original 3 paragraphs took quite a lot of the top space so the contents table wouldn't be visible. The first paragraph was kept with a few minor edits, the rest was slightly adjusted and put under the section "Description". This made that part of the text be placed under the contents table, keeping a clearer overview of what is in the article.

Marking edits as Minor

Tips and Tricks

You can use <span> to apply styles to image captions without producing a new line; i.e. if you use <p> it will make a new line.