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Disambig.svg This article is about quickly starting basic logistics. For the full guide to Logistics (including Facilities), see Community Guides/Logistics.

This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

Although Foxhole's Logistics System can be intimidating for new players, especially with Facilities, it is extremely simple and can be accomplished by a solo player. This guide briefly explains the basic logistics loop and how to get into logistics without ever interacting with facilities.

NOTE: This Community Guide omits various logistical aspects, including a majority of the logistical content (most noticeably late-game vehicles), which will not be mentioned. The core concepts remain the same, albeit more fluid (and more confusing) in its process.


The core Logistics (also known as Logi) revolves around four major aspects:

While all logi players can contribute to this gameplay loop, it is not required to do all of them. Smart players understand that they cannot do everything, and relying on other is efficiently at supplying a frontline.

Starting out

Where to Deploy

While Logistics can be done anywhere on the map, most logi is centered around logistical towns (also known as 'Logi Hubs') located in outer edges of the map. These towns have all the necessary logistics infrastructure centralized in a single location.

Logi Hubs can have the following structures:

Depending on where you are, you can find a Logi Hub in two ways:

  • If you are in the Home Region - go to the War Tent to view the world map
  • If you are in the World - press M to open the world map and find them
    • Press N to open 'Secure Map Mode' to find a Logi Hub easily

You can travel there either by vehicle, or redeploying from the Home Region (press ESC then select RETURN HOME).

Equipping Yourself

Equipping yourself with various items allows players to perform logi actions more efficiently, ranging from basic defense, to faster resource gathering.

When working in the backlines (such as harvesting raw resources):

When transporting materials or equipment to midline hexes or the frontline:

  • A Radio - the most essential tool
  • A loaded Pistol
  • A loaded Rifle (or any primary weapon)
  • A Gas Mask and a couple filters (a spare filter should be sufficient)

NOTE: These items are NOT required, but they will aid your protection, or as well as ensuring your cargo is safely delivered.

Acquiring a Logi Vehicle

The standard trucks for each faction

All logi requires a vehicle in order to move items around. While there are a wide variety of vehicles in Foxhole, Trucks are the basic and most versatile. Other logi vehicles can help in different tasks, the standard truck is capable of doing most of the basics.

In order to find a truck (or any logi vehicle), there are a few ways (ideally, in this order):

  • Find an unused, empty, and unlocked truck, preferably in a parking area (zone outlined with gravel) near a Logi Hub.
  • Check a nearby Storage Depot or Seaport to see if there are any stored inside there (under the Vehicle Category in the top right of the menu).
  • Build your own at a Garage (may have enough Basic Materials in it's inventory to construct one).
    • If there is not enough materials, either check a nearby Refinery's stockpile, or see if there are of Basic Material crates inside the Storage Depot MapIconStorageFacility.png or Seaport MapIconSeaport.png.
      • Click the Basic Material icon in the menu to retrieve a crate, right click it, and choose the unpack option to change it into useable items (one crate is enough for one Truck).
  • Check a nearby Town Base MapIconTownBaseTier1.pngMapIconTownBaseTier2.pngMapIconTownBaseTier3.png to see if there aren't any Basic Materials in there.
  • If unable to do the following, text in Region chat to ask for help from other players, or find another vehicle that can hold enough materials to make one from scratch.

If the Truck is low on Fuel, you must find some fuel, (either Diesel or Petrol) and refuel your truck. Check nearby stockpiles or storage continers, such as a Liquid Container, the Refinery or the Town Base.

Harvesting Raw Resources

A Harvester gathering Salvage

There are five types of raw Resource Fields in the game.

First make sure you have a Hammer on you (if you don't, check the Town Base inventory) and that your truck is empty. Then press M to open your map and locate the nearest Salvage Field SalvageMapIcon.png. Other types of Field are rarer, less essential than Salvage, and cannot be harvested with a hammer.

Hover your mouse over it to verify it isn't empty. Fields that have been emptied respawn after roughly 2 hours. Find the closest Field and drive there with your truck.

A Resource Field is composed of a large center piece and smaller nodes around it.

Take out your hammer and start hitting those nodes, an indicator in the bottom left shows you how much Salvage SalvageIcon.png you're collecting each hit. Once your inventory is full, transfer it all into your truck and continue until your truck is full (1500 Salvage).

When a node is fully depleted, another one from the Field's hidden reserve will spawn after a few second. The center piece cannot be mined, you can press E on it to check how many nodes are left in the Field's reserve. When there are no nodes left and the Reserve is empty the Field is officially empty. Try not to leave a field with just a handful of nodes as the Field's reset mechanism only starts once the Field is truly empty.

Collecting Salvage can occasionally make Iron or Aluminum nodes spawn, harvest them as well. These are very valuable, as they spawn rarely and are used to develop new technologies.

Once your truck is full or the Field is empty, it's time to head to the Refinery MapIconManufacturing.png.

Refining Resources at a Refinery MapIconManufacturing.png

Park in the front of the refinery and, without leaving your driver seat preferably, press E to open the Refinery's Menu (pictured below).

Refinery menu.png

With your truck full of Salvage, choose one of the three refinement options for Salvage (Basic Materials, Diesel, or Explosive Powder) by clicking on the corresponding Salvage icon. Select whether you want the refinement to be public or private at the top, choosing public will automatically dump the materials produced into the Refinery's public stockpile (right side of the menu). The refinement process takes more or less time depending on the Material produced. Basic Materials is quick, Explosive Powder is slow. The numbers in the arrows indicates the refinement ratio, 2:1 means it takes 2 raw resources to make 1 material. If you're not sure what to choose, make some Basic Materials (often called bmats). If you use Shift + Left Click on one of the refining option it will put all your salvage into that option in one click.

Alternatively, you can Right click one of your stacks of Salvage and Click "Submit all to Stockpile" to dump all your truck's content into the Refinery Stockpile for others to take and refine.

If you've found Iron or Aluminum, it's suggested to just dump them in the stockpile.

While your salvage is being refined, don't just idle in front of the refinery but go collect more salvage or do other activities.

Collect your Basic Materials (and Explosive Powder if you have some) once they've finished refining. Use left click to retrieve them in stack form or right click > "Retrieve as Crates" if you want to retrieve them in crate form (to store them in a Storage Depot or Seaport). For now retrieve them as stacks and let's head to the nearest Factory.

Producing Supplies MapIconFactory.png

Open the Factory's menu by pressing E, just like with the Refinery.


The factories produces Crates of items, not single items. Press one of the icons in the center window to prepare your production order. Up to 4 crates can be placed in one order. Your order appears on the right window and you can see there are multiple categories. The cost and the production time appear right under your order. You can set your order to "Personal" (only you can retrieve it once finished), "Squad", or "Public". Press the "play" button to confirm and start the production of your order.

With your bmats, create multiple different personal orders and start manufacturing, what you make does not matter since this is just a tutorial guide although Soldier Supplies, Rifles, and Rifle Ammo are always in demand and are a good choice if you do not want to "waste" supplies.

Note that one person can only queue one order per category and the Factory can only queue 6 total orders per Category. So if you come to the factory and the Category you want already has 6 orders queued you'll have to wait for the first one to finish before you can queue your own order in that category. The orders in the queue of a given category are processed one after the other and not all at the same time. If there are 3 orders in front of yours in a given Category you'll have to wait for those 3 to finish before yours starts getting processed. You can check from far away how many orders in each category a particular factory has by opening your map and putting your cursor on that factory.

As with most of logistics, it is time-gated and each order will take some time to produce, longer if the Factory is already in use so now is a good time to familiarize yourself with the Storage Depot or Seaport as this will be where we deposit our manufactured crates when complete.

Transporting Supplies

Storing Crates in a Storage Depot MapIconStorageFacility.png or Seaport MapIconSeaport.png

The Storage Depot stores item crates and vehicles, it is the only building capable of storing both. It is a good staging area between the back line manufacturers (what we're doing now) and the front line truck drivers who will take supplies from here and ship them to the front line.

Storage Depot Interface.jpg

Crates can be assembled by clicking on them, this takes a long time however and it's best done whilst in a truck to benefit from the 2x faster assemble time. This building is where you should submit all crates made in the factory unless you plan on delivering them yourself. If you've decided to do the job of keeping the factories pumping out supplies, it's best to keep an eye on this Storage Depot and the Refinery, you do not want to empty out the refinery of its resources nor fill up this depot to its maximum of 100 crates per item.

Note that materials like bmats can be switched from stack form to crate form and vice versa using the right click menu when you are in the Storage Depot menu. This cannot be done with any other type of crates however.

For now, just wait until your factory order is done and submit the crates into the storage depot.

Supplying the Frontline

While the exact type of supplies that a frontline will need will vary depending on the infrastructure surrounding it, they will ALWAYS needs: Basic Materials, Soldier Supplies, AT weaponry, rifles, and their respective ammo. A frontline will be in critical danger if any of these supplies cannot be delivered in a timely manner.

You can check what's in each Base's stockpile by hovering your mouse over their icon on the map.

To supply a front you need a fueled Truck full of crates of goods. It is highly recommended to take a Radio with you and to only drive on roads covered by Watch Towers as it allows you to see on the map whether there are enemies on your road ready to ambush you and steal your shipment.

In order to gather the required supplies, you can either retrieve your own crates (either at the factory or MPF), or take the ones in the public stockpile (either a Seaport or Storage Depot).

Once you have the crates, you can head towards the nearest Forward Base (which could be a Bunker Base, Encampment, or Safe House) or the nearest World Base (either a Town Base or Relic Base). close to the front line that you want to supply, park in front of the building, press E to open the base's menu, right click any of the crates in your truck inventory and choose Submit all to stockpile. Then head back home. If your delivery worth more than 600 Basic Materials, players who have set spawn at that base will get a pop up of you delivery for commending you. Do not oversupply a frontline base just to get more commends, because if the base is destroyed and rebuilt by the enemy, they will receive 25% of the items inside.

A simplified chart for supplying frontlines

Tutorial Videos

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