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The Code of Conduct as it appears in game.

The Code of Conduct is the list of rules the players must always follow. It is shown on screen every time you join the game.


  • Do not team kill, grief, or intentionally harm your own team in any way
  • Do not harass, threaten, or personally attack the development staff or other players
  • Do not use hateful or offensive language
  • Do not use the communication tools for purposes other than gameplay
  • Do not exploit bugs, modify the game client, or use external tools to gain an unfair advantage
  • Do not use alternate accounts to join the opposing faction or gain an unfair advantage
  • Do not abuse the in-game reporting tools (e.g. falsely reporting players)
  • Do not attempt to circumvent account suspensions (bans)

Breach of code may result in a ban without warning. Bans are issued at the sole discretion of the development staff.

There are no exceptions to the rules, do not team kill players that break the rules for example.

Visit for more details.

How to report a violation

You can report a player in multiple ways:

  • If they're nearby, you can press Alt + LMB on their character and select "Report"
  • If they talked in chat, you can right click their name in the chat and select "Report" (player must be in the same region)
  • If they are in the same region or left the region recently, you can press F1 to open the player menu, right click their name and select "Report".

To report a violation that doesn't fit the options listed in the Report menu or if you want to report a player that has left the game (or if you've left) you will need to use the External Tool.

External Tool

You can access the External reporting Tool from in-game by pressing Escape and selecting the "Support" button at the bottom. This will lead you to the external reporting tool where you'll be able to submit a ticket. You can directly access the external reporting tool at

Do not attempt to contact the development staff through the Official Foxhole Discord for player reports, use the external tool instead.

Bans & Violation Log

A player receiving too many in-game reports in a short time can lead to an automated ban. The length of automated bans start short (1h) but increases dramatically the more bans you receive.

You can view the ban & violation logs of another player via the same method as in-game report by selecting "Violation Log" instead of "Report".

Ban appeals are done via ticket submission with the external reporting tool (

Communication Rating System

The Communication Rating System is a tool for the in-game Chat. Messages posted in World (Team) chat, Logistics chat, and Intel chat can be upvoted or downvoted with the arrows to the left of it. Map Posts and Sign Posts can also be downvoted/upvoted. Players whose messages receive too many downvotes get their Communicating Rating downgraded to "Poor" and then to "Very Poor". Your Comms Rating is shown in the f1 menu. Players with low Comms Rating cannot post messages in the 3 forementionned chat channels nor create Map Posts or Sign Posts. The impact on the rating is not instant but occurs over time (unlike in-game reporting). It is also affected by other hidden factors.

The goal of this tool is to encourage higher quality communication in highly visible locations like global chat channels.

The system is completely separate from the reporting tools, messages that break the code of conduct should be reported not downvoted.