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A heavily armoured vessel, the Bassett Motor Society’s White Whale-class troop transports can deploy on faraway beaches to function as a permanent forward operating base.
In-game description

The BMS - White Whale (also known as a Landing Ship or White Whale, which can abbreviated as LS or WW) is a large naval vehicle designed to be deployed on a beach in order to support naval invasions. Deployed Landing Ships are forward bases allowing for additional troops to deploy, spawn, and resupply from.

General Info


The BMS - White Whale holds one passenger, and houses a crew of one soldier:

  • Driver (Seat 1)
    • Controls the movement of the vehicle, and can see the remaining fuel in the vehicle
    • Able to deploy the vehicle - press F
  • Passenger (Seat 2)
    • A seat used to hold/transport players
    • Has no tactical function
    • Due to being in an enclosed vehicle, they cannot use their secondary equipment

NOTE: Once the Landing Ship is deployed, players cannot enter the vehicle's seats as the Landing Ship is not considered vehicle anymore, and is instead classified as a structure.

Inventory & Armament

The BMS - White Whale is not equipped with a main armament.

It does not have typical inventory slots. Instead, it has 12 inventory slots, and a Stockpile that can only hold any item (holds up to 32,000).

Engine & Mobility

Health & Armor

The BMS - White Whale has 4000 HP and is disabled under 50% health. It has "Light Armor" resistance: it can soak small arms fire and shrapnel, and it is immune to Flamethrowers. But 12.7mm machine guns, heavy explosives and anti-tank weaponry are a real threat to it.
It takes 100 Basic Materials to fully repair it from 1% to 100% health with a Hammer. Its health can be instantly repaired at a Shipyard for 50 Basic Materials.


The driver can deploy the ship onto a beach by pressing F. Once deployed the ship permanently becomes a Forward Base. Landing Ships are required to facilitate a sustained coastal invasions into enemy territory. It has the same speed as a Freighter and a unique horn (LMB).

  • Crates can be directly submitted into it, where they are unpackaged (similar to a base stockpile)
    • Can retrieve crates from Seaports at a faster rate than normal
    • Players on foot can submit crates to the landing ship
    • vehicles cannot interact with the undeployed ship to directly submit crates

NOTE: Items submitted into the LS cannot be retrieved until the landing ship is fully deployed.

The landing ship can only be deployed onto a beach and perpendicular to it (minimum 60° angle). It's deployed from the driver seat by pressing F. The deployment takes 10 seconds during which you can press F to cancel it. Once deployed the ship permanently becomes a forward operating base and appears as MapIconTroopShip.png on the map intel. Upon deployment the driver is moved on the newly lowered ramp.


Structure Input(s) Output Time

Must be fully researched in the Vehicle IconFilterVehicle.png Tech Tree in order to be produced.

Storage & Transport

The BMS - White Whale can be stored in a Seaport.

It cannot be packaged or transported by another vehicle. As such, it must be driven to its destination, regardless of where it is.


Deploying the ship can't be undone so choose your shoreline carefully. However you can cancel the deployment action if it's not finished by moving the ship or pressing F again.

The landing ship has no way of defending itself and only one driver seat, it is vulnerable to enemy Barges with multiple soldiers throwing Gas Grenades or Anti-Tank Sticky Bombs. The driver should wear a gas mask with many filters and be accompanied by friendly barges to defend the landing ship.

The barges full of friendly soldiers are also needed so you have plenty of players to set their spawn at the deployed landing ship. This is necessary to quickly build up the ship base's Garrison Activity and Garrison Size so that more players can quickly deploy to the ship from the Home Region. It's also needed so the base has enough players with their spawn set here to activate the AI of your defenses.

Always remind the soldiers accompanying the ship to immediately set their spawn after the landing ship deploys. If they forget they will have nowhere to respawn once they die and be forced to go to the home region.

Clear the area in front of the LS before deploying, the ramp can crush anyone who stand too close.

After the deployment, make sure to defend your landing ship's rear from barge attacks with heavy explosive grenades.


  • The BMS - White Whale is the first vehicle in the game that can become a world structure.
    • It can only be stolen in its undeployed state, when its moving towards its target destination. So in order to steal it, enemy players need to decrew it prior to its deployment.
  • When a deployed BMS - White Whale is destroyed, it does not leave a husk, unlike other bases.
    • This means that any items inside the BMS - White Whale will be completely destroyed, and cannot be scavenged/used by the enemy faction.
  • The BMS - White Whale was removed from the game in Update 1.54 ('Naval Warfare') with the reworked Naval Landing gameplay.
    • The newly-introduced BMS - Bluefin (the Storage Ship), and BMS - Longhook (Base Ship) expanded the roles of the BMS - White Whale, which serves as spawn and resupply point, Landing Ship construction area, and the required vehicle(s) in order to bring infantry and combat vehicles onto a Naval Landing.
    • These Large Ships were introduced to give Naval Landings much more survivability/flexibility compared to their previous iteration, with most of them not survive past the first wave, with the attackers getting spawnkilled at the exposed BMS - White Whale ramp.


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